Our Rifle & Pistol Targets in "Hi-Viz" BLUE Ink

Why blue? Optometrists have found that the human eye can more easily see blues than colors in the red or orange spectrum, which is probably why the lights on law enforcement vehicles in most states are now blue. The shade of blue used for all our targets is sufficiently dark to provide good optical contrast against the white background, while being light enough to permit the shooter to see the bullet holes within the colored areas of the target. Also, there is no flare in bright sunlight as is the case with most Blaze-Orange targets. We call this color bright Impact blue!


Precision Plus Series Targets    (8.5" X 11" size)



Red Label

Green Label Orange Label Victory


Blue Label Black Label Gold Label


Precision Plus Series Targets    (11" X 17" size)

 Range Master

Firing Line

Varmint Master

Victory Rifle

Victory Handgun

  .22 Rim Fire Victory Rifle  



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