Red Label Target

















   ~The Red labeled target printed on 8 1/2" X 11" paper stock has a 5" diamond shaped aiming point with a 2 1/2"  center is intended for 4X - 6X scoped firearms @ 100 yards/meters or twice the magification @ 200 yards/meters.  Within the small white center is a .750" blue diamond surrounding a .625" white circle which may be used as a "double-check" for the target's center or "halo" a dot reticle. There is a 2" diameter circle with a 1" inner-circle, superimposed and centered 2 1/2" above the center of the diamond that is provided as a long range "sight-in" area for shot placement 2" to 3" above the point of aim @ 100 yards/meters. This is a common point-of-impact "sight-in" for long range, open country hunting.


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