Victory  Target


















      ~The Victory Model target printed on 8 1/2" X 11" paper stock has a single 4 1/2" 'V' shaped aiming point with a horizontal bar on each side of the bottom of the 'V'. This target is intended for either open-site firearms at distances from 3 meters (10 feet) to 25 yards....,  or for scoped firearms to  300 yards/meters, depending on scope magnification. In addition to the usual 1" grid with 1/4" background, the target has "scoring rings" identical to those found on the NRA 25 yard competition targets. For open-site firearms the shooter aligns the sights so the 'V' points to the front sight, while the rear sight is aligned with the horizontal bars so the firearm is square to the target. When the sights are properly aligned to the target there should be no white showing between the front sight and the 'V'... and no blue bars should be visible above the top of the rear sight. The shooter may also use this target for scoped firearms by aligning the crosshairs of the scopes so that the 'V' is resting on the horizontal crosshair, while the vertical crosshair splits the 'V'.


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