Victory Rifle Target


















      ~The Victory Rifle target printed on 11" X 17" paper stock has a single 9" 'V' shaped aiming point with a horizontal bar on each side of the bottom of the 'V'. This target is intended for either open-site firearms at distances from 25 yards to 100 yards/meters. Since the sight picture is the 'V' "pointing" to the front sight (like an arrow) the target works equally well with a blade & notch or a peep sight. In addition to the usual 1" grid with 1/4" background, this target has a 2" dotted circle centered and superimposed 2 1/2" above the point of aim for longer range hunting sight-in. This target has "scoring rings" identical to those found on the NRA 25 yard competition targets, for those who may also wish to use this target for handgun shooting.


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