Dear Fellow Shooter,                                                                      Precision Plus     VICTORY

We at Mountain~Plains wish to thank you for your interest in our Precision Plus and Victory Series targets. These are the finest target available for serious shooters who expect only the best accuracy from both their firearms and ammo!


 The Precision Plus targets are based on a target I designed in the early 1970's for my personal use when shooting scoped firearms. The VICTORY targets are designed for open-site firearms and are unique because they use a 'V' shaped aiming point, instead of the traditional "bulls-eye." The secret of all these targets is the repeatability of hold. In other words, when a shooter centers the crosshairs of a scope so they intersect the points of the diamond or aligns open-sights to the point of the 'V' shaped aiming point, the target helps the shooter reduce human error in aiming, which results in better shot-to-shot consistency, i.e. tighter groups.


All of our targets:

    ~ Each target is produced on higher quality/heavier grade paper stock than other targets and comes

       in pad form  (25 targets per pad) for your convenience at home or at the range.

    ~ The targets have a 1" grid with 1/4" background for precise sight-in adjustment and group size


    ~ They also come pre-drilled to facilitate keeping as a permanent record in a three ring binder.

    ~ The Shooting Data section is self explanatory but may also be used to record factory ammo

       shooting results.



Mountain~Plains is committed to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, so please feel free to call me at (800) 687-3000 with your comments or suggestions of ways we might improve our targets.




James H. (Jim) Wilson, III President



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